Tuesday, May 22, 2007

here we come!

Okay, hello out there - here is our 1st attempt at "blogging", thanks in large part to Molly's (alittlehouseintheclouds.blogspot.com) amazing enthusiasm just yesterday! Thanks, Molly!
Not so sure what we're going to do in here. Maybe little bits about other stores or products we enjoy, maybe about random things we both love - music, movies, fabric, the 80's..., maybe about Neil Diamond. Who knows? All we know is that we hope to have fun & we hope you will to.
Here's to starting something new!
Your hosts,
Nora (Mrs. Kat) & Damond (Mr. Kat)


nico said...

I wasn't around for the 80s, but I've recently developed a love for classic Olivia Newton-John, thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Kat!


Mr. & Mrs. Kat said...

Oh, thank you, Nico! The 80's world is a vast & wondeful one. There is much to explore & we will be happy to help you!

molly said...

how exciting! i've just now found the blog! can't wait to keep up with it all! it was just fabu seeing you two again in nyc!