Friday, July 27, 2007

A Moon in June (Well, July!)

I wanted to give a huge Thank You to Molly of a little house in the clouds for tagging our site! I love the way she is so excited about her family & friends & life in - and how she shows her artwork along the way! Keep up the fab writing - and good luck with those summer school kids!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

summer lovin'

"Tell me more, tell me more!"
Well, Fabios Helados de Coca (4th Ave bet. 49th & 50th) in Sunset Park, Brooklyn is not only Greased Lightnin', but Nirvana mixed with Mr. Softee mixed with your most cherished memory from that far-flung youth of yore. Man, once you taste this magical mix of sorbet/icee/ice cream, it'll be part of your RDA for the next few months or so, since, sadly, Fabios is only open from approximately March through the 2nd week of September each year. Get your fix whle supplies last! Get your fix now!
Happy Helados,
Mr. & Mrs. K.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Building Joy in Illinois

After much delay & many adventures, we're back in the swing of things!
A few weeks ago, I was in Illinois while Miss L & Mr. Kat held down the fort here in Brooklyn. Part of the time was spent in my hometown of Decatur (you know, the one Sufjan Stevens sang about?) realizing yet again that, though the town is past its prime & makes me sad in a lot of ways, it can still shine!
Case in point, one of my favorite buildings, the Post Office!

Now, this is only an a lame interior shot, but look at the details!! For some reason, I didn't shoot the outside - a classic understated deco gem, as they say, but you can check out one of my fav parts, the interior frescos detailing Illinois history on this website: When I was a kid, I would go with my father to the P.O. to get the mail & we would walk the interior, looking up, while Dad explained the details of each painted panel. Ah, history!

Okay, so to show a better exterior shot of another downtown deco dream, let's go to the Macon County Building, a building we spent many a moment (Dad's workplace).

Check out the lines, the weight, the symmetry of this building! And, the lovely details that look like lace! All for a municipal building, can you believe it?
So, after downtown, I went to my old neighborhood, what they kindly call the "historical district" & what I call falling apart. Anyway, there's this fabulous grouping of well-turned-out homes in distinct architectural styles surrounding an imposing Italianate mansion, the Millikin Homestead. Much time was speant on the grounds, since it was down the street from our house - it's like a small park with old-growth trees & lightly rolling hills.

It's not an operating home, but they do give tours ( if you get a chance!
The surrounding homes are Frank Lloyd Wright-style, tudor, and kind-of storybook style, among others, all packed into a few acres. I remember as a kid, going to an open house at one of these - it was complete with ballroom & sweeping staircase! How I begged my parents for it!

These meanderings could go on for ever, so I'll just end it here, saying take a look around at your neiborhood & see what you see......

Mrs. K